The Need

   The course is a continuing success and remains in great demand among current students. With the economic problems faced by higher education today, however, finding adequate funding for the course and the trip to Latin America is becoming much more difficult.

   We need your help. We hope that you, particularly those of you who are trip alumni, will help in establishing a fund that will ensure the continuation of the field study.

Your Gift Will Make a Difference

   Gifts are tax deductible. If you are employed by a gift-matching firm, your employer's contribution will increase, and count as part of, your gift. Any amount, when added to other contributions, will make a significant impact on the fund. Gifts can be given as cash, securities, or trusts. 

On January 2nd I packed my suitcase and joined the INTAG 602 class as they departed for Honduras. The two weeks following that day were to become some of the most educational and enjoyable of my life. The trip provided me with valuable insight into the tropics that would not  have been possible in a classroom. I spent time talking one-on-one with small farmers, local professors, and area businesspeople. I had the chance to see ecosystems that I had, until then, only read about. As the trip came to a close, I could begin to see how my understanding of the entire world had changed.

- Jason Kahabka

The importance of this trip is contained in its objective : a better understanding of the challenges that face agriculture and farmers, particularly in developing nations. The course is an extension of the historical role Cornell has played in projects in developing nations - a role that makes this institution known worldwide. The rewarding experience of this course will be felt not only by the participants but also by those who are going to benefit, such as farmers and students abroad.

- Rashid Al-Yahyai 


We would like to thank Dennis Kulis and Cornell Media services for designing and producing the IA 602 brochure. Please also note that there are some small modifications in choice of photos and layout for this web presentation from the published brochure.

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