The responses of both students and staff to past trips have been highly enthusiastic. Some describe the course as a "life-changing" experience. Others say it was their most exciting and valuable learning experience while at Cornell University. All have gained a much better understanding of agricultural development and the problems of developing countries.

    The study of agriculture in developing countries cannot be confined to books. Because of its location, Cornell is handicapped in providing field studies in agricultural developemnt - despite the need both to teach hundreds of students from developing countries and to internationalize the university's curriculum to meet the challenges in our global community. This course and trip, for those who choose to participate, compensates for that disadvantage.

The International Ag 602 course is one of the richest learning experiences I have seen in higher education. The dynamic international learning environment is greatly enhanced by bringing together undergraduates and graduates with diverse backgrounds and international experiences with a multidisciplinary, intergenerational group of faculty, administrators, and extension educators. Each of the participants becomes an active learner and teacher in the context of understanding a developing nation's complex food, environmental, economic, and social systems.

- William B. Lacy, College of Agricutlure and Life Sciences, Cornell University, and former director of Cornell Cooperative Extension 

I want to express my excitement and satisfaction with the International Agriculture 6002 program in Honduras. THis trip, long established in the Cornell curriculum, was recommended to me by my father because he found it to be an exceptional learning experienec when he took it to Costa Rica in 1969. The program has a wonderful reputation for providing students with tremendous experience and knowledge.

-Kelly Doss


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